Car Insurance: The 10 most expensive cars to insure

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Car Insurance is a necessary expense, but on these 10 cars, it’s downright outrageous.

Car insurance is one of the major expenses of owning a car, and different cars cost different prices to insure based on a variety of factors. Recently, the IIHS noted a 33 percent rise in car insurance prices from 2010 to 2016.

A person’s age, driving record, and location are all factors taken into account, but so is the type of car being insured. Insurance costs can rise dramatically depending on the make and model of car.

The publication 24/7 Wall Street analyzed data from the IIHS to determine what are the most expensive cars to insure. The IIHS data looks at insurance claim payouts and from there determined the annual cost to insure the vehicles. While real-world numbers will vary and the claims estimated numbers aren’t 100 percent accurate, they solid estimates, giving you an idea of how much it will be to purchase insurance for the car. Here are the top 10 cars with the highest insurance premiums.