Man Jailed For Causing 22 Car Crashes in 5 Years For Insurance Money

Courtesy: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for UNITAS
Courtesy: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for UNITAS /

Navid Monjazeb, from Utah, gets 4 months in jail for deliberately causing more than 20 accidents over a 5-year period to get insurance money.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Navid Monjazeb was sentenced to 120 days in jail on Tuesday for intentionally causing accidents to cash in from insurance companies. That jailing period will be followed by 36 months of probation for his actions.

Monjazeb, 37, felt that he should not have to take the blame for the actions of the other parties involved. While jailed, Monjazeb will have to pay almost $56,000 in restitution to six different insurance companies. He will also be responsible for paying $10,000 to the fraud division of Utah’s Department of Insurance.

How exactly did Navig Monjazeb carry out this 5-year scheme without authorities getting involved sooner? This may be due to the fact that his requests were not unreasonable enough to raise red flags.

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CarBuzz reports that his demands were not excessive, amounting to just a few thousand dollars here and there. Basically, the sum of his demands was not high enough to cause authorities to become involved. The insurance companies had paid him between $1,200-$4,500 for each accident he called in.

According to police, Monjazeb caused 22 fender-bender crashes over a 5-year period between 2010 and 2015. He did not go far to cause them either; most took place within a 10-square-mile radius right in Salt Lake County.

Police also say that most of the accidents were pretty similar in the way that they happened. Court documents state that Monjazeb accelerated into cars when changing lanes and struck their rear quarter panels. Monjazeb allegedly used three vehicles to cause the crashes: an Audi A4, a Toyota Prius, and a Saab 9-3.

The Salt Lake Tribune added that,

"“Photos of damage to his cars frequently exceeded damage victims recalled after the accidents, and investigations found the damage for many crashes to be duplicative… Monjazeb was requesting multiple payouts for the same damage.Victims would usually pay for their own repairs out-of-pocket due to insignificant amounts of damage, while Monjazeb would produce estimates for thousands of dollars in damage done to his cars.”"

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What do you think about Navid Monjazeb’s sentence? Was it enough for the crime he committed? This fraudulence happens quite often, just maybe not to this extent. Comment your overall feelings about this type of scam below.