McLaren announces three new supercars; is totally hot right now

Courtesy: Harold Cunningham/Getty Images
Courtesy: Harold Cunningham/Getty Images /

600LT, Senna and now, Speedtail; these are just the three latest offerings from the automotive division of famed F1 team, McLaren.  Two are ultra-rare and ultra-high performance and one is mildly more attainable but still fast.  All three make McLaren super exciting right now.

The three-seat McLaren BP-23 finally got a truly good teaser (I moan about “spy” shots and teasers here) video on the McLaren website.  Along with the form flow video, they also revealed the name, the “Speedtail”.  The Speedtail teaser video is below but if you are unable to watch, it has a computer generated visualization of the airflow around the car which reveals just a little about the shape.

This car is interesting, three seats, center mounted driving position and only 106 people will be allowed to buy them but that isn’t the most unique thing to me.

The most interesting thing about the form shown is the rear.  The flow around the rear of the vehicle almost seems to depict a narrower track on the rear end vs the front.  This would allow the air to close better at the rear of the car and allow it to slide through the air easier.  This is just one of the cars that make McLaren super hot right now.

The 600LT

One of few cars to carry the storied Longtail designation is also new at McLaren and is much more attainable than the other two cars here.  The car is not actually much longer than the 570s that it is based upon.  Only 3 inches longer, but should be incredibly fast and take street and track driving to the extreme.

The twin-turbo V8 pushes 592 HP and 457 ft-lbs of torque from an extremely light frame.  McLaren will build you one for the low low price of just around $250,000 USD.  I like it, especially in the grey color McLaren is showcasing the car in.


There is no name quite as synonymous with speed as the name Senna, Ayrton Senna.  Mclaren’s ultimate track weapon was delivered to its first buyer recently.  This car is not pretty (opinion, flame me in the comments), but it isn’t meant to be. It is meant to be fast.  In more than one way, it is similar to the Speedtail I talk about above.  The car is ultra-exclusive, ultra-expensive and engineered to do what it does really well.

One can say it is the precursor to the Speedtail with the shape, part of what makes it ugly to me is the slope of the back end.  It slopes down at the end to help the airflow, it is fairly similar to what I think the Speedtail will look like.

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Having built over 10,000 cars in 5 years, McLaren is poised to surpass the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini. And with these three cars, McLaren will keep its name in the automotive news in all the best ways.