BMW Has Stretched the 8 Series Reveal Far Too Long

Courtesy of BMW Group
Courtesy of BMW Group /

BMW has been teasing us for what seems like forever with the new 8 Series luxocoupe. There has been all kinds of teasers and I am not super excited about it. In fact, it takes away from it for me.

There is a good chance I will never own BMW’s newest reboot, the 8 Series, in any modern form, but I am still very excited about it. BMW even has the M8 GT racer on track and competing. It has almost ruined the excitement for me, though.

Now, yesteyday, I saw that the official countdown to the reveal had started. All this feels like a bit much. I understand it is an important car in BMW’s heritage and lineup, but, do we really need a concept, a racecar, “spy” shots, actual spy shots, multiple teasers before the official countdown to the official reveal which will now be a disappointment. Just keep it simple: concept, teaser, and then the actual car. That would suffice.

I kind of miss the anticipation.

This makes me, probably falsely, nostalgic for the anticipation of a new reveal. This anticipation was built on vagueness. What I would like from a car reveal is a concept, then a very vague teaser – like a dark line semi-reminiscent of a body line, and then the actual car like this.

When automakers follow this pattern, I feel it tends to keep the people who are paying attention guessing. This guessing and speculation are good, because it keeps people excited and waiting. BMW shot itself in the foot with the racecar. I know the racer had to be revealed in order to be used this season; however, use the M6 GT for another year then switch next season.

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It isn’t hard to imagine this as a road car. Photo courtesy of BMW Group /

Because we have seen the M8, we can almost de-engineer the car and end up with a pretty decent look at what the exterior of the production car will look like. We can also take the current interior language from BMW and mix it with the interior from the concept and BAM, we have a good idea what the actual car will look like.

Automakers, please keep it discreet.

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That is all I ask, just some discretion in teasers and in the hype machine. For me, and I am sure many other people, a vague artistic line is good enough. It lets the mind wonder things like: is that the roofline, is it the fender, is it a hip line? The guessing game is kind of fun.