2019 Mercedes-Benz A Class Sedan set to debut in US

(Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images) /

The Mercedes-Benz A Class is officially headed for the US market. The A Class sedan aims to provides luxury comfort at a more affordable cost than higher models, such as the S Class.

We’ve previously seen the Mercedes-Benz A Class humming around in Europe, but these were previously released as  a hatchback. The decision to go strictly sedan may seem as a shock as other manufactures are refreshing their sedans or completely killing them off, as predicted with GM.

(Photo: Mercedes-Benz)

Launching at the end of the year, this A Class will be produced in Aguascalientes, Mexico according to Mercedes-Benz. Being designed as a compact sedan, it will resemble the size of another entry-level, the CLA.

Mercedes hopes to compete with other automotive company sedans in this size and luxury, such as Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus, fellow German companies, BMW and Audi. However, pricing is currently unavailable.


This sedan comes packed with technology used on other Mercedes-Benz vehicles and some newer features. Starting with the MB-UX, also referred to as the Mercedes-Benz User Experience, which is the car’s infotainment center.

The A Class will come standard with a 7-inch infotainment screen and 7-inch gauge screen. An additional package increases these to over 10-inch screens, creating a wide range of view.

If you follow phone tech, you may have heard of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Both of these come installed and ready for users of both phones to be safer while driving. On the topic of safety, Mercedes has engineered the car to be semi-autonomous, allowing for increased awareness.

Adapted from the S Class, this capability allows the automobile to stay within the lane avoiding any side swipes. This feature requires an additional package from the standard version.

(Photo: Mercedes-Benz)

The standard model includes the likes of LED lights, leather seats, dual-climate and keyless start. Throw in extra packages and you can receive the Active Brake and Active Lane assist, a more premium set of speakers and more.

(Photo: Mercedes-Benz)

Car Specifications

Two versions of the Mercedes-Benz A Class sedan will be sold for the 2019 model, both containing a I4 gas engine producing 188 HP. Separating the two trims, A220 and A220 4MATIC, is the power-train, as the former is FWD and latter is AWD.

The sedan comes equipped with a dual-clutch transmission. Depending on the trim of vehicle, the wheels range from 16 to 19 inches. The car displays an elegant, yet sporty feel.

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