Women ‘n’ Wrenches – 7 Things Every Girl Should Know About Car Maintenance

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Women ‘n’ Wrenches are two things that don’t typically go together. It’s not because they won’t – and definitely not because they can’t – but for whatever reason, it’s unfortunately rare to find a woman that’s comfortable poking around under the hood of her own car.

And that’s not ok with me. I’m sure you’re not super stoked on the prospect of slithering underneath your undercarriage to change your own oil (trust me, neither am I); but I feel like there is a disconnect between Women ‘n’ Wrenches, and whether or not you care to change your own oil, I feel like you should at least not feel like it’s some type of mystical process that has to align with the stars. Maintenance fundamentals are very straightforward (for the intent and purpose of this article).

I feel like you, as a woman, should be able to feel 100% confident that, if you found out you had to take a 1,000-mile trip tomorrow morning, you’d be able to walk out to your car (right now) and go make sure it’s all ready for the trip. It’s not so much that you “should” have to – but at least so that you could – if you had to.

I feel like you should be able to feel 100% confident that you’re going to get a fair and accurate estimate when you take your car in for service. You should walk through those doors with confidence because you know what you’re talking about. And as it happens, the difference between knowing – and not knowing – is surprisingly simple! Welcome to the Women ‘n’ Wrenches initiative!

You may be getting overwhelmed just thinking about what goes on inside your engine compartment. But Women ‘n’ Wrenches is about to demystify all of that and break your car down to exactly what you need to know in order to take really, really good care of it! The Women ‘n’ Wrenches initiative has been created to give you the tools you need to make your car last as long as it was designed to – or longer!

The absolute basics are extremely simple, and the difference between horrible car maintenance and great car maintenance is only about five minutes a week! Five minutes a week is all it takes to save you thousands in the long run!

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