Koenigsegg Jesko is shooting for the 300mph Barrier!

(Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)
(Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images) /
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While many supercar makers opt for awe-inspiring V-10s (and silky-smooth V-12s), the Agera RS kept it gangster with an all-aluminum, twin-turbocharged V-8; five liters of displacement, four valves per cylinder, double-overhead cams, and a dry-sump oiling system.

They irrefutably prove that the tried-and-true V-8 is more than enough to do the job of 12 (or more) cylinders.

Internal Combustion – Going Out With A Bang!

Many manufacturers would almost be content with that, but Koenigsegg isn’t getting comfortable – not even a little bit.

They’ve just released the Jesko, which is Koenigsegg claims to be able to tap into the elusive 300mph-realm, but they’re already talking about their NEXT model, one that Christian von Koenigsegg (founder/CEO) claims will likely be a hybrid.

"This is probably the last Koenigsegg that is just propelled with a combustion engine. Going forward, we’re seeing hybrids or pure electric cars, and so on. This is the last hoorah. Christinan von Koenigsegg in interview with Tim Burton via Shmee150 (YouTube)"

Hold up, Christian! The world can’t keep up with you (literally)! We’re still trying to digest the current masterpiece before us!

The Koenigsegg Jesko was unveiled at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show and is essentially picking up the torch being passed on by the Agera RS.

One could say those are some hefty shoes to fill. Even for a two-time world-record holder of speed, Koenigsegg has presented the Jesko with some asinine expectations to uphold.

Koenigsegg’s engine building is nothing to turn your nose up at, however, no matter who you are.  The CC8S engine was the McLaren killer and would earn Koenigsegg a record for the most powerful engine in the world.