Koenigsegg Jesko is shooting for the 300mph Barrier!

(Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)
(Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images) /
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(Editor’s Note: Although footage of the Jesko is still scarce, enjoy a few of the existing members of the family it will be joining…to tide you over until we can really see what the Jesko can do.)

The fuel delivery system is just as gnarly. Their traditional engineering would install two injectors per cylinder.

The Koenigsegg Jesko has three, however…per cylinder! Not inside the cylinder, per se; but rather, in the intake plenum, helping the charge keep cylinder temperatures as low as possible.

Engine strain is a paramount concern for any 8,500rmp screamer (with 1,600hp)!

But with more technology than the Lunar Lander, the Koenigsegg Jesko doesn’t seem to be in any real danger in the powerplant department. What about the transmission, though?

Shift on the Fly

The nine-speed, Light Speed transmission (LST) is something of a work of art. Christian likes to joke that “all the gears we saved on the Agera RS went straight into the Jesko.”

Koenigsegg opted for the slower shifting characteristics of a traditional-style transmission for its torque handling characteristics, but there’s hardly anything “traditional” about this proprietary Koenigsegg unit.

Seven clutches work to virtually eliminate shift time between gear engagements.

With a compound gear setup, and each gear having its own clutch, shifting between any gear is just as simultaneous as a sequential shift from one gear to the next.

Steering wheel paddles handle a single shift, but a sequential lever-style shifter is also standing by for “super shifts.”

Christian explains that, if you’re on the Autobahn (obviously), and you wanted maximum downshift – without overrevving – a hard push of the sequential lever will engage a second “notch” in the shifter.

This second “notch” will tell the Koenigsegg Jesko that the driver is requesting the lowest range possible without overrevving, and will calculate that gear, with enough RPM left under the limiter to give you a good hard pull before the next shift.