Ford will stop production of the British iconic car Fiesta after 50 years

Ford Fiesta once rallied in the Championship race in Australia (source: Getty Images)
Ford Fiesta once rallied in the Championship race in Australia (source: Getty Images) /

American car manufacturer Ford has recently announced it will be ending the manufacturing and production of the much loved popular British vehicle model, the Ford Fiesta.

The hot hatchback sold millions of units over it’s time in production to drivers all around the world. The Fiesta sold a large number of models to the United Kingdom, the Fiesta also surpassed the Ford Escort with sales reaching in the millions during it’s entire lifetime. The model was also once used by police officers within the United Kingdom to patrol the streets and to catch criminals.

The Fiesta was launched in Europe in the year 1976 and quickly became the most popular car model but as sales plummeted in 2021 the automaker decided to end the hot hatch and focus on all electric cars. By the end of next summer, Ford said it will end the production of the model with a total of 20 million units sold since the first generation was released.

From 1976 to 1980, over one million models had been sold all around the world, with Ford raking in millions of dollars within the release. As Ford became bigger in the auto industry, by 1982 the sales for the vehicle increased to over two million units. The model also competed in worldwide championship races which also once won the 2017 Monte Carlo Rally.

Ford was really ahead of the game with drivers enjoying owning the models and waiting for the next model to be released. But be wary Ford always knows what they are doing when designing and manufacturing the vehicles to meet the standard we all expect.

Recently, Ford revealed in a statement ;

"‘We are accelerating our efforts to all in with our electric models with our passenger model to become fully electric by 2030’"

However, be assured this does not mean you will not be seeing Ford Fiesta’s cruising on the roads. Many still own and enjoy the car, it will most certianly be added to the list of iconic cars as this model created history once upon a time and was the hottest car of the era.