Why is ‘Need For Speed’ the best online racing game series?

Need For Speed is definitely one the most well-designed car racing game on the market. Joining the ranks with the Forza franchise and The Crew series. From police chases to online multiplayer races, we’ll be looking at what makes Need for Speed so great and interesting for gamers that like playing super-realistic racing games.

NFS is currently being designed and developed by Criterion Games and is published by EA games, one of the world’s biggest gaming companies and franchises. The game is super realistic and follows the stories of the characters in the game. The first game released by the franchise was ‘The Need for Speed‘ which went on sale to the public in the year 1994. The games meet the needs of a realistic environments and cars. One of the players favourite games was NFS: Most Wanted where players could start a police chase and would need to have a cool down time in order to successfully lose the wanted level.

Each game of the franchise has its own story line and narrative, the first game sold over 100 million units worldwide which meant it became the most successful game of the era. The series was only available on PlayStation and PC until EA dropped ‘NFS: Hot Pursuit 2’ which meant players were now also able to enjoy the game on different platforms too. However, Forza has only introduced their game strictly to Xbox only as they wanted to make it exclusive to those that own the Xbox consoles.

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The success of the whole gaming series and the revenue created meant the game could be turned into a film. Teaming up with DreamWorks Studios and Disney Touchstone the film came on to the silver screens. Although the reviews are not all 10 stars, the film grossed over $200 million in Box Office with an initial budget of $66 million. The film starred actor Aaron Paul from the Breaking Bad series on Netflix and Kid Cudi the rapper.