Shelby: GT350 Videos, Exhaust, Interior, and Exterior


The 2015 Mustang GT had quite the reveal, but yesterday, the Shelby GT350 was also launched.  The Shelby took the Mustang GT and upgraded upon the chassis across the board.  Brakes, suspension, wheels, tires, engine, and drivetrain were all enhanced.  The new Shelby has a flat-plane V8 cranking out 500 horsepower and over 400lb.ft. of torque through a high redline.  Unlike most modern cars, the car will come with a six-speed manual transmission.

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TheWorldNewCars on YouTube provided multiple videos of the new Shelby GT350.

Interior view

While the interior is similar to the Mustang GT, as expected, it is nice to see an engine push start/stop button right next to the six-speed gear lever.  The steering wheel runs a multitude of options to keep your hands on the wheel.  Cruise control, bluetooth, radio, and other settings can be adjusted.  Did anyone else notice the button with the picture of a strut on it?  That should be to activate the MagneRide suspension.  The seats are a straight design out of familiar Recaros, tailored to keep you strapped in under higher lateral loads.

Exhaust Noise

While some of the world’s press were able to hear the exhaust noise, the engine was kept at a low purr.  It was slowly being driven onto the stage.  Here, there’s a better sense of the exhaust noise at speed.  The flat-plane V8 sounds very throaty, which is quite the contrast to the sophisticated V8s from other makes.  Only Mercedes-Benz AMG V8s make a similar sound.


Here is a better look of the car up close.  As the camera takes multiple views of the car, it’s easier to see the lower front lip for added downforce, the stiffened and widened wheels both front and rear, and the muscular shape of the front grille. The rear angle shows four exhaust tail-pipes, surrounded by the rear diffuser.

Overall, Ford has done a great job, not just with adding power, but making a greater overall package.  The Mustang GT can be perceived as the junior version of this Shelby GT350.

But the best part is, Ford tried to make this all the car you have ever needed.