Track Battle: Porsche 918 Spyder vs. McLaren P1 (EVO video)


Hybrid technology has come a long way in the automotive world.  What was once focused on first generation Honda Insights and Toyota Priuses, has now entered the real of exotic supercars.  Just how far as it gone?  This entire season was based on hybrid technology during the F1 season for the sake of boosting horsepower.

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And boost horsepower, it did.  Porsche has a 918 Spyder with 887 horsepower and all-wheel-drive with all sorts electronic magic.  McLaren took a different approach with the P1.  The P1 has 903 horsepower through two wheels, but focused on aerodynamics as a point of emphasis as well as multiple electronic settings.

While there is a 500lb. weight difference between the two cars, with the Porsche being the heavier of the two, the performance is outright striking.

Not only is the result surprising, but the extended portion of the video, the last five minutes or so, really show what a difference a small change can make.  Hybrid technology has come in such a long way over the past ten years.  This is the first for the hypercar realm.  The LaFerrari wasn’t involved with the video, but it is reasonably expected to outperform the two tremendous cars here.

With such outrageous horsepower numbers, it’s a greater point of emphasis to focus on the response of the chassis.  What is the throttle response like?  Is there severe lag?  What about electronic torque fill?  Is it sufficient to make up for any perceived gaps in the throttle?

Can the car put the power to the ground and be manageable?  Can a driver take the chassis to the next level and push it to its limits on the race course?

EVO’s Jethro Bovingdon sits behind the driver’s seat, and answers all of the questions.

Sure, these are the cars of our lottery dreams, but it doesn’t hurt to dream that big.

[Cover image and video provided by EVO, YouTube]