2015 Toyota Prius C: Best City Gas Mileage Without a Plug


There’s one downside to electric cars and hybrid vehicles that can be charged. It is breaking the habit of gassing up at the gas station instead of charging up at home. The Toyota Prius C allows you great gas mileage benefits without having to plug in anything.

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You can stay within your automotive comfort zone.

The Toyota Prius C has a 53 mile per gallon city average, according to the EPA.  That number is a target goal of a lot of hybrid powered cars without having to be too underpowered.  It is, essentially twice of the average internal combustion car out there.  Really, even in a tough compact segment, it’s normal to reach 27-32 miles per gallon.

The Toyota Prius C is nearly twice that.

Toyota has added a few more features to the Prius C to make it more appealing to a younger market.

  • 53 MPG City / 50 MPG Combined in Toyota’s Most Affordable Hybrid
  • Aggressive, Sportier Look With LED Headlights and Newly Designed Taillights
  • Upgraded Interiors and Available Technology Features
  • Available With Toyota Entune® Premium Audio with Navigation and App Suite

The SULEV (Tier 2 Bin 3)-certified 1.5-liter in-line, 4-cylinder gasoline engine runs on the Atkinson cycle to increase efficiency. It produces 73 horsepower and 82 lb.-ft. of torque, contributing to a total hybrid system output of 99 hp. Locating the Prius c’s 144-volt nickel-metal hydride battery pack under the rear passenger seat, near the center of the vehicle and low in the chassis, helps achieve a low center of gravity for excellent agility.

As on other Toyota hybrids, the Prius c employs a slew of other technologies to curb its fuel usage. Regenerative braking helps to recapture electrical energy under deceleration, sending it to the battery, which helps to reduce fuel consumption. Electric power runs the water pump and power steering assist, eliminating drive belts and even some maintenance needs.

Considering the Toyota Prius C is knocking on 100 horsepower, it competes directly with the Fiat 500 and Mazda 2 in regards to power output.  However, with nearly twice the gas mileage, greater interior volume, and additional Multimedia through the Entine Audio System, the benefits outweigh the additional cost.

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