Jaguar Releases Latest F-Type Changes at the Los Angeles Auto Show


Jaguar had a revival the past several years.  Their automotive redesigns have taken a different direction from their traditional styling. These aren’t the same, comfortable, big, land yachts of years past. The latest offerings offer striking designs, great sounds, and driving dynamics to match.

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The latest, is a focus on the F-Type variants.

  • The 2016 model year Jaguar F-TYPE sports car receives new powertrain and driveline options
  • A six-speed manual transmission option will be available in rear-wheel drive V6 models
  • Jaguar transforms the F-TYPE R Coupe with the addition of standard All-Wheel-Drive
  • InControl® and justDrive connectivity technology

2016 Jaguar F-TYPE

The Jaguar F-TYPE will receive new powertrain and driveline options for the 2016 model year. New options include a manual transmission option, All-Wheel Drive, and a new 550hp “R” Convertible.

The six-speed manual transmission in the F-TYPE has been designed to for enthusiasts and purists. The combination of the free-revving supercharged V6 and a precise, perfectly-weighted shift delivers motoring brilliance. Jaguar has integrated a highly efficient six-speed ZF® transmission into the lightweight aluminum body structure of the F-TYPE. This manual transmission is matched exclusively to the rear-wheel drive 340hp and 380hp V6 powertrains.

The 2016 Jaguar F-TYPE will also have the addition of Instinctive All Wheel Drive® (AWD) as standard equipment on R models and an option on S models.

Jaguar has also found a better way to link your phone to your car.

Jaguar Land Rover has announced the launch of justDrive, an industry-leading app technology that integrates multiple smartphone apps into a single, voice-activated in-car experience.

Developed by Silicon Valley-based CloudCar, Jaguar Land Rover has optimized justDrive for its InControl™ platform for Apple iOS8 users. ‘justDrive for Jaguar Land Rover’ integrates popular apps and services, services, such as Spotify, Twitter and Yelp, to give Jaguar and Land Rover drivers an unprecedented level of integration with navigation, media, social interaction, voice search and information services while minimizing driver distraction. Free to download, justDrive is also available on Android from early 2015 and offers drivers continuously updated apps and services throughout their vehicle ownership.