Chevrolet SS: The Sleeper Muscle Car (video)


Yesterday, we talked about this decade being the Age of Super Tourers. Of course, not everyone can afford those cars. Different variants of the Porsche Panamera, Audi RS7, and the Tesla Model S will all float around $100,000 depending on options and other specifications.  

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We also showed the video of the latest Z06 with the latest technologies incorporated through the racing world.

However, there is another route to take for someone who wants a taste of that level of performance, but still retain practical, daily driving use.  Dodge has done an incredible job with their latest Charger. The Hellcat Charger will get all of the attention, but at nearly half the price, the Charger 392 still offers a world of performance with four doors.

All along, Chevrolet has had their SS out. It’s been out for almost a year. There’s no real hype about it. But, underneath the skin of the long-wheelbase sedan, sits Corvette-like performance that could make others blush.

After all, the SS comes with 415 horsepower, 415 lb.-ft. of torque, and can hit 60 miles per hour from a dead stop around 4.5 seconds.  Quarter mile times start with the number 12.  It’s fast.

Considering the level of performance, it also has EPA estimates of 14 city, 21 highway.  No, those aren’t great numbers. Frankly, it’s tough to expect great numbers out of engines with such great output. But then again, getting 15 miles per gallon out of it doesn’t seem as terrible.

Well, gas prices have been falling for months.  Out here in Southern California, 87 octane is just about to scratch the $2 range. I haven’t seen that in years.

Here’s the catch. It starts out at just over $45,000. Now, before you say that’s too much for a Chevrolet, I plead you to think differently. If you’re into NASCAR or better yet, Australian V8 Supercar racing, you’d see a striking resemblance between the SS and the race cars themselves. If you appreciate Corvette-like performance, just a tick behind the latest C7 in terms of acceleration and on par with the latest C6s, you can justify the price.

Better yet, you’re more of a rebel. You don’t need attention from other people. That’s reserved for people that buy other makes of cars at the same price range. What you want is to get you, and your family, through the traffic and have a little fun on the side.

When it’s thought of that way, it’s easier to justify the price.