Pure Driving Sensation, EVO Car of the Year 2014 (video)


It’s you.  You’re the driver.  You have one key.  That key unlocks the door to your freedom.  Speed. Sound. Control. These elements are all within your grasp.

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You choose the road.

You need a weapon of choice.

EVO magazine is a highly reputable publication that tests the best cars the market has to offer.  This year, ten cars made it to the Scottish roads for testing.

– VW Golf R
– McLaren 650S
– Ferrari 458 Speciale
– BMW M3
– Porsche Cayman GTS
– Jaguar F-type R Coupe
– BMW i8
– Renaultsport Megane 275 Trophy-R
– Aston Martin Vanquish
– Audi S1

Recognize most of the names?  Unfamiliar with a couple?  The United States seems like forbidden ground for hot hatches, or essentially, fast hatchbacks.  The Audi S1 and Renaultsport Megan 275 Trophy-R are not available in the U.S.  We are simply robbed of luxury and pace in a hatchback, or the brutal speed of a front-wheel drive chassis on the track with a Renault badge.

But, take a look at the list.  These are the best nominees for 2014.

Choosing the Car of the Year for EVO isn’t simple.  It isn’t just about driving fun.  It isn’t about technical brilliance.  It is about finding a characteristic of a car that appeals most to a purist driver.  If you want fun, a used Miata can get you far. Want technical brilliance?  Any Nissan GTR or Chevrolet Corvette can put up huge numbers without the supercar prices.

These are the cars with different character.  Hybrids, front-wheel drive, road-legal race cars, proper V12’s, mid-engined vehicles, and proper four-door sedans all compete for one round of finding the purest driving sensation.

People familiar with EVO this year will not find the winner a surprise.  Porsche has absolutely dominated EVO Car of the Year winning several times in the past decade with many variants of the GT3.

Find out who the winner is.