A Look at the Honda Heritage Center


Nothing shows the accomplishments of a manufacturer than a designated museum or heritage center.  Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes Benz have museums over in Germany, and customers can even pick their cars up fresh from the assembly line before having the car shipped out to the United States.

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Cool, right?

Well, Honda built one in Marysville, Ohio.

"“The new Honda Heritage Center is a collection of Honda dreams in the form of products that are responsible for millions of customer relationships,” said Takuji Yamada, chief operating officer of Honda’s North American regional operations. “The great variety of products on display – including powersports, power equipment and automobiles, as well as aviation and robotics – together with the major milestones highlighted, tell the stories of Honda associates in Ohio and from throughout North America.”"

The new museum, which will open to the public in January, pays tribute to Honda’s unique tradition and highlights products and significant milestones in the history of Honda in North America, including a natural focus on the role of Honda’s operations in Ohio. A vision to dream big is evident throughout the museum, exemplified by the visible evolution of the motorcycles, automobiles and power equipment on display.  In addition, the space honors groundbreaking new Honda technologies such as a replica of the humanoid robot ASIMO and the HondaJet, which will begin customer deliveries in 2015.

In addition to the Honda museum, the building is home to a new Technical Development Center, which is focused on advancing the skills of Honda engineers, equipment service technicians, and production associates involved in auto production at Honda plants in Ohio and throughout North America. This will help prepare Honda and its associates for the 21st century of manufacturing where success will be defined by the successful interaction between associates and advanced technology.

Watching a manufacturer grow throughout the years with a focus on technology, shows that a manufacturer isn’t just about the brand or the customers, it is simply about making great things.

So, why not show off the best of what Honda has offered?

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