Buying a BMW Brand New? Try BMW Vehicle Delivery


One of the upsides to buying a luxury brand is the Vehicle Delivery Experience. BMW allows you to see a car being built in process, while visiting the BMW museum, stay at a gorgeous hotel, and take care of you for your vacation until you pick up your car.

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How cool is that?  It doesn’t get any more fresh than getting a car straight out of the factory.

Well, there has been a rise in vehicle deliveries from manufacturers.

The BMW Welt has been a major attraction for the citizens of Munich, tourists and fans of BMW Group brands since it opened in 2007. The experience centre has established itself not only as a desirable event venue and gourmet destination, but also as a popular delivery point for new BMW vehicles. Every year a growing number of customers from all over the world opt to collect their new BMW in Munich. In 2014, the BMW Welt set a new record of around 22,500 vehicle-delivery customers. Delivery of the first of BMW’s new electric vehicles also got off to a successful start this year, with a total of 31 BMW i3s and 35 BMW i8s presented to their new owners at the BMW Welt.

"“All BMW customers buying a new car have the option of collecting their vehicle at the BMW Welt – the heart of the brand. Many BMW customers and fans, often travelling from farther afield, take advantage of this opportunity to experience an unforgettable day,” explains Helmut Käs, head of BMW Welt. “The success of this service shows that we offer customers exactly what they want – a unique experience with an individual programme for each customer.”"

European tour starting in Munich

Customers often travel long distances to visit the BMW Welt. Roughly 90 per cent of customers collecting their vehicle come from all over Germany. Many of them bring their families, collect their new BMW from the BMW Welt and then drive straight to Italy or Austria for a holiday, before heading for home. One in ten customers makes the journey across the Atlantic from the US or Canada: In June of this year, a group of Canadians departed from Munich on a trip across Europe in their new BMW M3 Sedans and BMW M4 Coupés. At the end of the trip, the cars were shipped back to their owners.

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