Amazon Now Making Deliveries To Your Car Trunk


If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can now potentially have packages delivered right to your car trunk. Here’s the catch. You have to drive a relatively new Audi and live in Germany.

Launched earlier today and announced via Amazon Germany,  it will start the program later this May in collaboration with DHL delivery services.

The process is simple.

A customer places an order and on the final step of the order indicates the exact location of his/her vehicle. The deliveryman is given a one-time access code to unlock the customer’s trunk via an unlock code that only opens the trunk and not other access points in the car.

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According to Director of Amazon Prime services in Germany, “We are working to offer Prime members a delivery location that is always available and convenient: the trunk of their car. This innovation makes shopping at Amazon even easier and more flexible. It gives customers another way to receive their orders.”

Right now, the program is only available to a select number of Audi owners. Amazon does plan to implement this program worldwide and on all cars (granted they have the right technology present to use the unlock technology.)

The possibilities are endless with this new service. For example, after ending a long day at work you drive home and remember that you have to shop for groceries. Then you remember that you already had them delivered to your trunk while you were at work.

Or you’re in the middle of a busy meeting and remember it’s your wife’s anniversary today. Let’s pretend that Amazon also has same day trunk delivery. You order a fresh bouquet of roses and chocolates delivered to your car and rush home to save the day.

Better yet, you order some car parts just because. What better way to start the weekend then some car parts waiting for you when you clock out.