Watch This V12 BMW 750 IL Shred Its Tires In Minutes


When you have a V12 1988 BMW 750 IL laying around and your car mates are bored on the weekend, naturally a bit of hoonage is bound to happen. That’s what these bored motor heads recently did when work was slow and motivation to do anything remotely productive was far, far away.

When Motor Trend took out a 1992 version of the 750 IL with roughly the same engine and chassis they stated how, “The BMW 750iL is precisely the kind of car that makes being rich seem worthwhile. It’s a lotto-drawing four-door fantasy, to be sure. But for a lucky few, this dream can come true.”

Fortunately for those who still want a taste of that dream, depreciation was not kind to this luxo-barge of yuppie yore.

Back in 1988, a brand new 1988 BMW 750 IL could be yours off the lot for $67,000 (in today’s currency, that’s about $132,000.) As it depreciated heavily over the years thanks to high maintenance costs and a 20 MPG highway rating, an ’88 BMW 750 IL in fair condition fetches around $3-5 grand depending on the condition and mileage.

With a monstrous M70 V12 under its front bonnet pumping out 300 HP and 330 lbs-ft of torque capable of a redline of 6000 RPM, it was BMW’s first V12 and provided enough power to scoot the 750 IL to a brisk sprint to 60 MPH in 6.4 seconds.

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That’s also just enough power to break loose the tires on this 27-year-old example, which is pretty much what these boys did. Time till all the tires were spent? 5 minutes.

And according to their post on VW Vortex, “The BME 750 IL needs probably $10k in parts to be a daily driver. The area we were at we have permission as long as he gets no complaints. No one was around but us.”

A bit of harmless fun was had using a car where the costs outweighed the benefits to properly repair.