The Bugatti Chiron Will Hit 288 MPH Without Breaking A Sweat


When Car Magazine revealed some statistics to the Bugatti Veyron’s successor, they shocked the motoring world to say the least. 1500 HP and 288 MPH are the Buggati Chiron’s goals and Buggatti plans to hit those goals without so much as breaking a sweat.

Here’s the Chiron spotted testing earlier this week.

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About the same time the original Bugatti Veyron was unveiled in late December of 2004, the motoring world was put on absolute attention. Although really only an elite few could actually afford one, gear heads lived out their dreams through the eyes of motor journalists who flogged the Veyron around.

Most famously, the world got a taste of that 252 MPH top speed when James May from the recently pulled show Top Gear took the Veyron to its top speed in dramatic fashion.

Then we saw Top Gear break that feat again with Bugatti’s Super Sport raising the bar to 267 MPH (when the test driver took it out.)

Now that there are new players on the field with impressive maximum velocities; McLaren P1, LaFerrari, Lamborghini Aventador and Porsche 918 all around 217 MPH, the Buggati Veyron marque has lost some of its shine. Sure those cars can’t touch the Bugatti Veyron when it comes to top speed, but that 50 MPH gap between everyone else doesn’t seem all that exciting anymore.

288 MPH should do the trick though.

According to Car Magazine, here what we know about the Chiron.

"This will be the new tech showcase for the VW brand – featuring cylinder deactivation, electric-actuated turbocharging and direct injection, to make sure the Chiron will be able to achieve 14mpg. The Veyron could drain its fuel tank in just eight minutes at full chat."

And if you’d like to rewind nine years ago to the Veyron’s reigning era, read what Jeremy Clarkson had to say on the Veyron and its blistering performance.

"It’s rewritten the rule book, moved the goalposts and in the process, given Mother Nature a bloody nose."

This is a redemption car for Bugatti. The Bugatti Chiron isn’t so much a car as it’s a statement to other supercars that the king is back and he’s taking names.