Chevy Dealership’s Coffeehouse Serves Caffeine And Goodwill


Drive up to the Chevrolet dealership owned by Don Moore Automotive in Owensboro, Kentucky and you might notice an attached coffee shop right next to the dealership. Serving customers from it’s drive through window, it’s one of Owensboro’s most famous coffeehouse and all for the right reasons.

According to Automotive News who dropped the story on the Kentucky dealership earlier today, Don Moore opened the attached coffeehouse right around 2011 when their dealership moved to a renovated grocery store equipped with a pharmacy drive-up window.

Seeing an opportunity to not only add some potential revenue to his dealership property but do some real good in the local community, Don Moore opened up Overflow Cafe. Their mission is simply to, “to serve quality coffee in a welcoming atmosphere, with the goal of sharing our “overflow” with a community in need. ”

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And that’s what exactly the coffee shop does. 50 cents of every purchase is donated directly back to local charities. In addition, whatever profit they make can be applied to special grants to none profit homeless shelters in and around the city of Owensboro.

According to the article, it looks like Don Moore Automotive in total donates around $12,000 a year to the homeless with $2,500 given out every month through the special grants he hands out.

People in the local community know about Moore’s work and frequently patronize his business. It also helps that the nearest Starbucks is across town.

Car dealerships can get a nasty reputation whose sole purpose is to squeeze every last dollar out of a potential new car buyer. While it may be in the best interest of the company and dealership to do so, it may not always be the best tactic when trying to win the hearts and minds of the local community.

With a strong foundation in his personal faith and an entrepreneurial spirit, Don Moore found a way to turn an otherwise useless drive up window to becomes an agent for good. Hat tip to Don Moore for turning his otherwise ordinary car dealership into a dealership of goodwill.