500 HP Evo Breaks Down Racing Tesla Model S P85D


Having a Tesla Model S with a P85D badge on the rear decklid is just asking for trouble if you’re an owner. Ever since video’s have been hitting the web of the Tesla Model S P85D absolutely obliterating much fancier exotics, owners of high horsepower conventional engines have been chomping at the bit to line up and race one for themselves.

Such was the case for this owner and his 500 HP Mitsubishi Evolution. Both cars are four-wheel drive and supposedly very quick.

Youtube User Dragtimes dropped the video earlier yesterday, and the clip unfortunately shows the Evo owner losing the impromptu drag race before it even starts.

Practically half the race is the Evo owner taking the walk of shame as he pushes his Evo to the side of the road after what looks like a broken transmission puts him out for good.

Check out the video yourself below.

For all intents and purposes, on paper a high horsepower Mitsubishi Evolution should beat a Tesla Model S P85D. Weighing over half a ton less than the Tesla, the Evo has a better power to weight ratio then the Tesla Model S P85 D.

But time and time again, owners have dropped videos, at least over a quarter mile, being quicker than cars that weigh less and have more power.

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Chalk it up to less components having an opportunity to break. For one, there is only a single-speed reduction gearbox in the Tesla.  Other then tire replacements, washer fluid replacements, and gearbox oil changes every 15 years, there really isn’t much that can break down on a Tesla Model S P85D.

According to CarScoops, the owner of the Evo wants another shot at the Tesla Model S P85D once he has everything sorted out, but something is telling me he won’t be as quick off the line no matter how hard he launches.

By the way, the Tesla Model S P85D is good for 691 equivalent HP.