This VR Game Hones Your Texting And Driving Skills


Texting while driving is never a good idea, but how do you get the point across to people how distracting it really is without sticking them in a real-world environment? Well thanks to Holden Link, they’ve now come up with a cheeky little game called SMS racing. Check out the demo video below.

It’s called SMS Racing and it uses a virtual reality based game (think oculus rift.) Basically, you’re a race car driver piloting around a virtual reality race course and every so often you’ll receive a text message. Just like in real life, you’ll have to avert your eyes off the road and onto your lap to respond.

Here’s the catch. You have ten seconds to respond to the text. If you don’t, you lose a friend. Lose three friends during a race and it’s game over for you. Also, your opponents are texting and driving too, throwing in a bit of confusion into the racing mix.

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The developers have dubbed it, ” A game about the thrill of texting and driving.” And they’re onto somehting. It’s a fun game with a very important point.

Although the on-screen graphics aren’t nearly as detailed as some more expensive games on the market, it never was meant to compete with them anyway.

With the availability of Virtual Reality units popping up from the likes of Samsung and Leap Motion at very affordable prices, pairing it with such instructional games can be an opportunity for highschooler’s getting their drivers licenses a chance to see for themselves just how tough texting and driving can be.

This should be an easy sell to local high schools to implement into their drivers ed curriculum.

Personally, I wish this technology was available a couple of years ago just as texting and driving started becoming “a thing.” Fortunately, I was pulled over for the seemingly harmless offense and slapped with a fine. But all too often, lives and personal harm can be at stake.

So if you have a friend with a VR device or want your drivers ed teacher to get one, tell them about SMS Racing. I’m sure they’ll add it to the syllabus as soon as possible.