Gruppe M Releases CF Intake For 2015 BMW M3 and M4


Gruppe M, makers of some of the best aftermarket performance parts for mostly European applications, has just released its carbon fiber intake for the current generation BMW M3 and M4. If you haven’t seen pictures of the newly released carbon fiber intake parts, pictures have been provided below. Needless to say, they are works of art.

IND performance based out of Southern California was actually the first group to grab ahold of the carbon fiber intake and was the first company to actually install it on their demo vehicle.

"Today, we’re proud to announce our installation of the world’s first Gruppe M intake on our IND F82 M4 demo car."

According to IND, although they haven’t taken it to a dyno for official horsepower numbers testing, they do think that it’s added a nice induction sound to the S55 motor and it adds a nice touch to the engine bay.

Here’s the rub. Expect to pay more than $3000 and above for this intake system.

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When Super Street dyno tested both Gruppe M’s intake and exhaust systems for the BMW M3 back in 2011, they paid around the same amount so we can imagine how much it will cost today. A quick jump on Gruppe M’s official website and we can see that the cold air intake system for the BMW M5 costs a cool $3,500.

Take a look at aFe’s cold air intake and it’s priced much lower at $1,610.

So how do you justify such a price difference? The devil is in the details. Below are two pictures. One is the AFE Intake and the other is Gruppe M. Can you see which is which? It’s pretty obvious.

For an intake that might marginally make more power then aFe’s offering, it’s hard to justify such a large price. But for the BMW owner who doesn’t compromise on performance and wants that bling factor. You choose Gruppe M every time.