Dodge Dart Muscle Car Loses Rear Axle Showing Off


Alberta, Canada. When you read that  location what comes to mind? Hockey? Tim Hortons? Snow? When now you can add classic Dodge Darts that randomly lose its rear axle in a bit of stop light hoonage. You read that right.

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You read that right. Apparently this Dodge Dart and an accompanying car next to it were ready to make a turn. If you have a burbling muscle car at your whims, you’re bound to want to impress the locals with a bit of acceleration and wide open throttle within the speed limit.

Everything unfortunately, didn’t go to plan for the Dart driver as his whole rear axle sort of just went kaput in the middle of the road, sheared right off its bolts. How embarrassing!

Fortunately for the rest of the internet, there happened to be an accident reconstructionist on Reddit who was able to explain to us regular folk what was going on.

"Accident reconstructionist here. Looks like rear axle loss from a hard braking event. Happens a lot with heavier vehicles (school buses etc.). Back brakes lock up and the back end starts bouncing off the ground, increasing vibration, and ends up ripping the rear end from the vehicle upon contact with the ground. Weight shift plays into it quite a bit."

He even provided a little video that we’re posting below showing you exactly what he means.

At least this army truck mishap happened in a test setting where no one could be seriously hurt.

Perhaps the car was doomed to destruction from the start with some faulty repairs right from the get go.

No matter the fact, it was an unfortunate situation.

Some people commenting in the video are upset that the drivers of the recording car didn’t go out of their way to help the poor dude out.

Nevertheless, that Dodge Dart is either going to be repaired with a hefty bill or scrapped.