Redditor Rescues Toyota Supra From Inevitable Doom


Who in their right mind would leave a perfectly good Toyota Supra to rot in a building without being touched for seven years? Well according to one Redditor and her boyfriend in their recent post, it looks like there indeed was such a Supra sitting idly by in a warehouse. But thankfully, this story has a happy ending.

According to MermaidLolz (Who from now on we’ll refer to as Mel), her boyfriend had observed a Toyota Supra sitting untouched for a what had been going on a couple of years.

"My boyfriend recently found out this myth of a car existed through a friend of a friend type of thing. It has been deserted at a shop in a completely undesirable place in deep dark depths of New Jersey for around 7 years."

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After persistently pestering the new owner of the building’s staff for the owner’s number and a bit of haggling, Mel’s boyfriend was able to snag the Supra and add it to his garage. It looks like he already had a Toyota Supra, so this bodes well for the future of the dilapidated one.

And it seems the newly acquired Supra is a little worse for the wear, “If has some grody wood trim, awful tiny little chrome wheels, and two terrible hood scoops where someone actually cut into the hood to make them somewhat functional.”

Check out the pictures of the actual Supra linked below.

Here’s the rear hoisted up by a tow truck. 

And here’s the front end with a fine layer of dust.

It looks like the original engine was naturally aspirated but it conveniently came with a twin turbo swap.

Cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed. If, in the deepest recesses of your mind, you know that you won’t be able to drive your car for awhile and you have no plans for it, by all means consider selling it. Like lost pets, they deserve good owners and can provide miles and miles of enjoyment.

Props to these intrepid Redditors for saving the Supra from its rusty tomb.