Fast and Furious Toyota Supra Sells For $185,000


The original Fast and Furious that was used as a stunt car in the first Fast and Furious movie recently crossed the auction block at Mecum and happened to fetch $185,000 for the lucky buyer. It should be noted that this wasn’t the actual hero car that Paul Walker sat in himself but was one of many stunt cars that were used in the film.

For every major car in a car film bereft with stunts and explosions like in Fast and the Furious, there is one hero car done up inside and out as well as under the hood to be thee car for all the close ups and for actors to actually sit in. Then there are stunt cars that take the brunt and brute force of the actually stunts including jumps and actual explosions. This was one of those cars.

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This F&F Toyota Supra very much represents what it meant to be a car in the late 90’s and early 2000’s import scene. For one, you have the full Bomex aero kit and APR aero wing out back. Shod around the Yokohama tires are Dazz Alloy Wheels. Todays import cars are all about being subtle and using quality, hard to source parts. At the very least, the replica parts you’re rocking better look like the real deal.

Supra. You’d expect the twin-turbo, fire-breathing 2JZ-GTE  under the hood. Under this stunt car you do have a 2JZ, just its naturally aspirated brother. 220 HP from the inline 6 is enough for cruising duties. As it’s a stunt car, it’s been augmented with nitrous (dial bottles out back) and a full roll cage.

Because this particular Toyota Supra suffered major damage after being jumped, it has been repaired to make it look showroom pristine. Whether it’s safe to drive is up to question.

Whoever bought it was smart. Expect to be invited to local car shows and national events across the country to have that Supra present. It’s not so much a car as an icon for what the movie series stood for.