Texas Teen Buys Mazda Miata And Gets Epically Bullied Over It


A High School teenager in Texas reached out to Reddit earlier yesterday for advice to stop the constant bullying that his new purchase, a Mazda Miata, has garnered for him from fellow classmates.After scrimping and saving for more than two years, Reddit User Unit123Review (who from now on we’ll refer to as Unit) finally saved enough to purchase the car of his dreams, a Mazda Miata.What he thought was a dream come true slowly turned into a nightmare. Over the course of two weeks, Unit’s Mazda Miata was keyed more than 8 times and had its convertible top punctured beyond repair.

According to Unit,

"I talked to my friends about it and they all just said, “LOL yeah that’s what you get for owning a Miata”"

Fed up and with nowhere to turn, Unit turned to school officials for help but a blanket statement covering their own behinds was given.

"School won’t do s***, saying that I signed a contract to acknowledge they don’t have cameras nor are the responsible for any damage. I Considering selling, but I love my car so much and it just hurts seeing something damaged that I worked so f*****g hard for."

As a desperate cry for assistance, Unit turned to Reddit’s /r/cars community to help him out.The Reddit community, replied with more than 1,000 comments of support and advice for the 17-year-old.

The top Reddit commenter offered some solid words of advice for the young teen.”The main thing that you need to do is document every interaction you have with the school about this. Get a copy of the parking contract. Also get a copy of your insurance policy and see if you have any applicable coverage.”Another Redditor suggested adding a dashcam to his car as a temporary measure.”That’s pretty nuts. I would spend some money on a dash cam (or nanny cam) or two and hide it and let it record in the car.”

Pretty much all the redditor’s on /r/cars agreed that the behaviour of his classmates was unacceptable and the Highschool was enabling a bout of bullying that should be nipped at the bud.For the meantime, it also looks like Fox 4 news based out of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas will be involved shortly.

The outpouring of support from /r/cars gave Unit a bit of sunshine in this cloudy situation.”Seriously thank you so much for the support, it makes this situation so much better. Hearing all this made me put forth the idea of taking legal action, we are meeting up with our lawyer on Monday and filling out a report tomorrow. Also a go fund me is unnecessary, although I myself have no money at the moment I’m am very lucky to have my helpful parents.”

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As progressive as the United States seems, there are still some nasty habits that linger long after a trend dies down. It’s one thing to make light hearted jokes at someone’s ride. But to physically damage another person’s car out of pure spite and hatred crosses a line.

As car guys, we’re expected to take on a certain amount of flack just because it’s such an ego-driven lifestyle. That’s expected for the car culture of today. But there are certain actions that are just plain bullying and harrasement and you know it when you see it. Shame on the High School for not taking the teen’s plea for assistance seriously and shame on his fellow classmates for not stepping up and being the better man.

H/T – /r/cars via Reddit