Check Out Team Sky’s Awesome Fleet Of Vehicles For Giro d’Italia


Team Sky dropped one of the coolest videos from the Giro d’Italia earlier yesterday (May 30, 2015) highlighting their awesome fleet of cars they use to support and transport their riders and equipment. To compete and succeed in the UCI World Tour and in other major cycling events takes a team with extraordinary talent, management and mechanics with great leadership and skill and a fleet of vehicles to match those skills. Amongst those vehicles are not only those on two (Team Sky’s bikes), but four as well. Check out the video below for a taste of what kind of vehicles Team Sky uses.

The Giro ‘d Italia is a 21 stage race that takes exactly 21 days (one stage a day.) To give you an idea how long a stage race is, one of those stages is 164 miles long. With their home base in Manchester England, when the team leaves for a race they have to bring practically everything (including the kitchen sink) with them on a race.

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Team Sky has one gigantic team bus, a truck for transporting bikes and equipment, a kitchen truck for all the food including room for the chefs, four Jaguar XF Sportbrakes, two Land Rover Discovery’s, a Jaguar XJ Media Car and two Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans for transporting luggage and riders from the hotels to the races and back.

And if you already didn’t figure out, a major sponsor of the Sky Cycling team is Jaguar. One special vehicle in particular that they didn’t mention was a one off bespoke Team Sky F-TYPE Coupé car used exclusively for the Tour de France stage 20 time trial. Team Sky have brought this car out a couple of times since then only for special occasions, the last being when Bradley Wiggens raced for Team Sky during the 2015 Paris-Nice Campaign. In stock trim, the F-Type puts out a generous 340 HP and 332 lbs-ft of torque. Equip it to carry bikes, throw on a special paint job and give it a sponsor and you have one of the sexiest cycling fleet vehicles of all time. Check out the special video by Team Sky below.