Crawling Digger In China Pushes BMW And Jeep Out Its Way

Crawling Digger In China Pushes BMW And Jeep Out Of The Way
Crawling Digger In China Pushes BMW And Jeep Out Of The Way /

It seems like you should watch where you park especially if you’re in China near a construction site. In a video purveyed by AOL that has gone viral over the weekend (June 1, 2015), an excavator (or crawling digger) was caught on camera pushing this very expensive BMW and Jeep out-of-the-way. Apparently, neither car was supposed to be parked there and construction workers got fed up with the entire situation and put matters into their own hands.

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It looks like the excavator was headed to an area it needed to dig but had its path blocked by upper management and their parked cars. The skilled operator manoeuvred his backhoe quite deftly in such a way that pushed both cars out-of-the-way. A handful of other workers watched in amazement and don’t seemed fazed by what’s going on. A couple of employees even have their smart phones out to record what was going on. Additionally, it looks like more than one person was upset as in the beginning of the video, someone is squawking into a walkie-talkie directing the entire ordeal.

In the United States, this type of stunt would almost never go done. Pushing cars out-of-the-way with construction equipment would probably mean grounds for firing on the spot. But in the wild west of the twenty-first century a.k.a. China, it looks like they have no patience for incompetence.  If they wanted to, they could have easily pushed the vehicles on their own. It doesn’t seem like they have a shortage of manpower in China anyways.But it looks like these guys wanted to make a statement. A couple of damaged vehicle frames and dented body panels should do the trick. But seriously, talking out your issues with management is always a good move. No heavy machinery required.