Details On 2016 Fiat 500 Mid-Cycle Refresh Leaked

Details On 2016 Fiat 500 Mid-Cycle Refresh Leaked
Details On 2016 Fiat 500 Mid-Cycle Refresh Leaked /

Details on the mid-cycle refresh for the 2016 Fiat 500 were reportedly leaked earlier today (June 1, 2015) according to Car Scoops. It looks like someone took a smart phone picture of an exclusive document that was being presented on powerpoint somewhere in the bowels of Italy in Fiat’s HQ which were subsequently let loose and wasn’t intended to be leaked to the public just yet.

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This does coincide with reports that a refreshed Fiat 500 has been seen putting around Sweden albeit heavily camouflaged. Nevertheless, the midcycle refresh details, although unofficial, reveal some minor changes that should spruce things up for the beleaguered brand. Click here to see the details in French (if you happen to know Italian that is.)

First the bad news. It’s rumored that Fiat won’t be changing the engine lineup globally as far as anyone knows. For the North American market, that means the 1.4-liter multi-air engine is here to stay. All 101 HP and 98 lbs-ft of naturally aspirated powers worth. But that also means the return of the beloved turbo Abarth engine good for 160 HP and 170 lbs-ft of torque (which has garnered nothing but praise from automotive journalists the world over.)

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The good news is that the 2016 Fiat 500 will receive a generous facelift. That means new front and rear bumpers, LED lighting front and rear, a new palette of exterior colors and 15″/16″ alloy wheels as well. Inside, the interior also looks to be receiving a generous facelift with a new dash, steering wheel, trim, upholstery and media interface. That’s if the leaked document is any accurate.

The real question is whether or not this will all be enough to compete with the heavy hitters here in the United States who offer far more superior options in the hotly contested small car market. In April, Fiat sold just 2,498 units of the 500. Compare that to Honda’s Fit which moved 6,529 units or Ford’s Fiesta selling 5,928 units. Whomever is running Fiat’s marketing here in the United States should really wake up. Brand awareness of this lovely little 500 is all but unknown to the large majority of Americans in the market for a good small car.

In the meantime, remind yourself what makes the Fiat 500 great by watching this walk around courtesy of SaabKyle04. At the very least, you’ll be able to hear that turbocharged Multi-air engine startup and throw a couple of revs.