Watch Hennessey’s HPE750 Ford Mustang Hit 207.9 MPH

Watch The Hennessey HPE750 Mustang Hit 208 MPH
Watch The Hennessey HPE750 Mustang Hit 208 MPH /

Hennessey just dropped one of the most epic Mustang videos this year earlier today (June. 2, 2015) with a blast to 207.9 MPH (yes not quite 208 MPH, but darn close) in their 2015 HPE750 Supercharged Ford Mustang. This makes Hennessey’s Mustang the first 2015 Mustang to break 200 MPH…ever.Everything is bigger in Texas and that goes for their speeds as well. With so much wide open space and some of the chillest law enforcement officers anywhere in the world, speeds surpassing 150 MPH are just the everyday norm. The run took place on the Continental Tire Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas so there was nothing that could get in their way. With an 8.5-mile high-speed oval, a vehicle’s top speed can be exploited. Check out the video for yourself below. 

If you haven’t seen Hennessey’s speed run video’s before, they forego all the fluff and buildup of normal epic runs and just give it the full beans.  To oversee this showcase of American firepower, the internet’s unofficial Grand Marshall of speed, Jay Leno, was there decked out in his full Canadian tuxedo. Apparently Leno was also filming a special episode of Jay Leno’s Garage and was there to provide some comedic relief and do his thing.

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Hennessey provided the power but you can thank Ford’s aerodynamic engineers for providing the wind cheating design that deviated far from the previous generation. To make the new Mustang slipperier without compromising its good looks, Ford engineers employed a few tricks that aren’t apparent at first glance.

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If you pay close attention to the front end especially to the door-mounted mirrors, all were finagled with in order to slip through the wind easier. Supposedly Ford’s engineers spent twice as much time focusing on aerodynamics than the last Mustang. Look even closer and you’ll notice these aero curtains. Slots in the front bumper channel air from the front to the outer wheel (no air in the wheel wheels.) Very tricky stuff. Not to mention all Mustang’s come with varying degrees of underbody aero. Hennessey added it’s own bit of aero trickery with the addition of a front, rear and side spoilers all in carbon fiber.

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So how did Hennessy cram all that power onto Ford’s V8? Well with the help of their massive supercharger and all the supporting modifications of course. Check out Hennessey’s official site for all the details. This will be the only Mustang that can hit 208 MPH…with a warranty (three year, 36,000 miles.)

207 MPH
207 MPH /