GM’s Chevrolet Cruze Surpasses 3.5 Million Global Sales


You want to really know who to thank for GM’s long-term recovery? Take a look across the world to China because thanks to our Asian neighbors according to GM, they’ve sold their 3.5 millionth Chevrolet Cruze. That’s according to an official announcement by General Motors earlier today (June. 3, 2015.)  GM’s global brand chief Alan Batey stated how, “By consolidating design, engineering and marketing efforts, we were able to produce an award-winning, value-driven sedan that won over customers around the world.” And perhaps therein lies the success of this mid-sized sedan from Detroit, but does that explain the success they’ve had in their biggest market across the seas? Probably not.

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Not many people know, but GM’s initial foray into the Chinese market close to 100 years ago when according to Vice-President of GM China David Chen, “GM first entered China in the 1920s. There was a Chevrolet dealer in Shanghai during that time…the first premier of China, Zhou Enlai; and the last emperor, Puyi, owned Buicks.” That simple fact solidified GM’s brand as thee brand to choose for China’s up and coming middle class. The Chinese Elite could choose from Buick’s and Cadillac’s (amongst Audi’s and BMW’s) while China’s growing middle class could purchase a Chevrolet…Chevrolet Cruze to be exact. You couple that strong face of a company with a number of incentives that were rolled out in China shortly after the economic downturn benefiting new car owners, and the Chevrolet Cruze was more than ready for its world debut.

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When Car and Driver took it out for a spin earlier last year, they complimented it to be”a decent driving and quiet conveyance.” Most of their lamenting came from the fact that the Cruze wasn’t all that fun to drive and wasn’t receiving the same star treatment features as it’s Chinese brother (mainly its styling and fuel sipping 1.4 liter engine.) But it looks like the same Chevrolet Cruze that debuted at the 2014 Shanghai Auto Show will make a strong derivative copy for its North American buyers when it’s built and assembled here in the United States.