This Pair Of TOMS By Audi Will Cost You $29,900

This Pair Of TOMS By Audi Will Cost You $29,000
This Pair Of TOMS By Audi Will Cost You $29,000 /

Want to know how to spot an Audi owner? If you spot these exclusive TOMS shoes designed in collaboration with Audi, rest assured that the person wearing them is a proud Audi owner. TOMS announced earlier today (June. 3, 2015) that they’ve collaborated with Audi to release a special line of shoes only available to new Audi buyers who’ve purchased a brand new or Certified Pre-Owned Audi or leased one during the Summer of Audi’s sales event.

Audi Tom's 3 2015.6.3
Audi Tom's 3 2015.6.3 /

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In typical Audi austere design, Audi has chosen one of the most vibrant colors in the rainbow to color its shoes. Gray. The seams are all in red as well as the shoe insert inside. Embroidered around the inside of the shoe are tiny little Audi logo’s and there’s an Audi tag on the outside as well. Ironically, they’ve been styled after the popular Argentinian working class shoe, the Alpargata. And if you were wondering, the cheapest Audi you can finance is Audi’s A3 Sedan which starts out at $29,900. But if you REALLY want these shoes, try the used car market where you can pick up a CPO Audi for $5,000 less than a new A3.

According to TOMS, for every Audi purchase or lease they would give away one pair of shoes to the Audi owner and one pair of shoes to a child in need. That means over 55,000 pairs of shoes to needy children. All in all, it’s a win-win for both companies.  All this is only for a limited time as the Summer of Audi Sales event runs from today till August 4, 2015.