Jeremy Clarkson Fans Show Disdain For Top Gear UK On Youtube

Jeremy Clarkson Fans Show Disdain For Top Gear UK On Youtube
Jeremy Clarkson Fans Show Disdain For Top Gear UK On Youtube /

It looks like a lot of Jeremy Clarkson fans are taking to Youtube’s comment section to show support to the former Top Gear presenter. Top Gear UK posted up a video showcasing a Hennessey VelociRaptor versus a Range Rover Sport SVR drag racing down their home track earlier today (June. 4, 2015) Normally such a video would garner tons of likes from the car community, but a simple glance at the likes versus dislikes ratio bar shows a proportionate amount of dislikes. A closer inspection at the comments sections reveals that there are still a large amount of Jeremey Clarkson supporters voicing their opinion on behalf of their beloved presenter from Doncaster.

Actually, since Clarkson left the show along with all their studio staff, Top Gear’s Magazine has uploaded three videos to their youtube, all with a barrage of comments demanding that the BBC bring Clarkson back. All videos showcase some fine cinematography but lack that one element that defined their productions over other car video productions, the witty banter between Clarkson, May and Hammond. One commenter stated how, “No No No No No No No We Want Clarkson, Hammond and May.” Another commenter bluntly proclaimed, “I come here only to dislike, bring back the trio or don’t even bother you idiots.” And finally, one rather  hopeful commenter stated how, ” The trio of Jeremy, James and Hammond filled me with joy. I knew, every time I watched one of top gears episodes it would just bright my day/night. Maybe my dislikes will somehow change the outcome sometime…”

You have to hand it to Top Gear Magazine for keeping the comments section open on Youtube. Most of the time, when a video is expected to receive a stream of vitriol protest and angry comments, a Youtuber will elect to close the comments section altogether.

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And if rumors are to be believed, those Youtube commentators might get there way. Supposedly Richard Hammond and James May were offered 7.1 million to renew their contracts with Top Gear to present. A third presenter would come on as guest host. There is nothing stating that a return of Jeremey Clarkson can’t be that third guest presenter. Top Gear UK and the BBC are surely kicking themselves”in the behind” for leaving so much money on the table. With the show’s popularity, a large fan base and an apparent need for the automotive show niche they’ve carved for themselves over the years, to not have a return of the show would be a poor move indeed. No word if Hammond or May have agreed to any part of that new contract.