Watch This Kitten Get Rescued Out Of A Tesla Model S

Watch This Kitten Get Rescued Out Of A Tesla Model S
Watch This Kitten Get Rescued Out Of A Tesla Model S /

A Kitten was rescued out of a Tesla Model S according to a piece by Green Car Reports earlier this week (June 2.2015.) According to the Tesla Model S owner John Griswell of Austin Texas, “Over the weekend, I had a feral kitten take up residence in the motor compartment of my Tesla Model S.” Amazingly the kitten had crawled up into the Tesla Model S sometime when John was away. John had gone out on errands driving around and never noticed the kitten until he saw a paw sticking out of the wheel well. After backing up the car to facilitate that kitten’s exit he found no further signs that a kitten was there, or so he thought. The owner has graciously compiled a little video for all the world to enjoy. See it now below!

After hearing meowing sounds from his garage later that night, John knew that the kitten was still inside his Tesla Model S. Even after failed attempts to coax the kitten out with tuna, John finally gave in and drove his Tesla Model S to a local service center where he could unbolt the undertray and extract the kitten which he finally did. According to the report, the kitten did indeed find a new home thanks to its new owner who promised to give it a Tesla related name.

Cat in Tesla 2015.6.4
Cat in Tesla 2015.6.4 /

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With Texas weather reaching into the lower 90’s and the summer nights not cooling off that much, certainly the kitten was looking for any relief from the cold.  Perhaps the kitten tried to make a new home out of the $80,000 electric car. And if you were wondering, thanks to aerodynamics, all Tesla Model S’s have superior underbody airflow thanks to detachable undertrays that bolt underneath.  If the kitten were caught in any normal internal combustion car, there would be less areas for any animal to get caught. Perhaps Tesla should add an amendment to the owners manual to be aware of any domesticated or feral creatures that may find a new home courtesy of newfound tight crawling spaces.