Oblivious Parents Place Their Baby On Strangers’ Exotic Cars


There is a trend sweeping newly minted millennial parents and their babies attending car shows that needs to stop. Thanks to JSJ Cars on their post on Car Throttle earlier yesterday (June. 5, 2015) we caught a glimpse at this horrific trend of innocent babies being placed on top of exotic cars assumingly without the owners permission all for the glory of a couple of likes on Facebook or nods of approval on Instagram. Check out their video below!

It looks like the GoldRush Rally 7 was in town in Southern California and participants had their cars displayed for everyone including the greater public to enjoy. According to GT Spirit, this includes “14 Lamborghinis, nine Ferraris, eight Rolls-Royces, five Bugatti Veyrons and many more.” Next to the Gumball 3000 rally, this may be the next best road trip to traverse the continental United States. It goes without saying that there are some serious exotic cars participating whose participants probably paid a lot of money to prep for the epic eight-day rally. Sure, the cars might get roughed up along the way, but that’s up to the participants. And along comes these oblivious parents who place their beloved children atop of these exotics cars. Colloquially, this is a “major party foul.”

Strangers 2 2015.6.6
Strangers 2 2015.6.6 /
Strangers 2015.6.6
Strangers 2015.6.6 /

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The video starts out with a bit of a caveat that we all can agree with. Simply put, you never touch another person’s ride, especially a strangers ride moreover. To add insult to injury, you’re placing a living human being who has no control whatsoever of what kind of fluids he or she will decide to leak at that very moment. Not to mention the potential tiny scratches to the paint via some very rough diaper paper. Overreacting much? Maybe. But shame on any parent or individual to feel so entitled to place anything atop another mans property. You’ve been warned you Instagram happy parents.