Is This CAD Sketch The New Mid-Engine Honda S2000?

Is This CAD Sketch The New Mid-Engine Honda S2000?
Is This CAD Sketch The New Mid-Engine Honda S2000? /

According to the Netherlands news site Telegraaf earlier today (June 10, 2015) it looks like some very interesting CAD sketches have shown up at the patent office filed by Honda that could be the successor to the Honda S2000. Pictured is a design that harkens to the all-new NSX but is proportioned smaller. What results is what would probably happen if you the Acura NSX and Honda S2000 had a love child. The whole design aligns nicely with the current design language of the Honda S660 only being offered in Japan and the Acura NSX.

2015.6.10 Honda 3
2015.6.10 Honda 3 /
2015.6.10 Honda
2015.6.10 Honda /

The patent was filed just a few days ago on May 27 and overall it’s very much a conceot car. Right off the bat, it has a couple of interesting design features that really have our interests piqued. The front fascia incorporates two distinct air channeling ducts that “carve” air coming to the sides of the front, channel it over the front wheels and furthers directs it below the vehicle. The side profile showcases a large swatch decreased into the door which also channels air into two side vents that further cool the engine. Further driving the rumor mill of this being a Honda S2000 replacement is what looks like a convertible soft top. All this looks very driven by aerodynamics, a key design staple in this day in age.

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What we see here is a car smartly designed to be both cost-effective in its overall design and inexpensive. Perhaps Honda, in their infinite wisdom, decided to bring the Honda S660 to the United States disguised as an Acura but with its own flair. Or maybe Honda is making this its Miata/FRS fighter. It’s all up in the air at this point and further action from Honda will confirm what they’re up to. This all bodes well for Honda enthusiasts. Check out the first drive of the Honda S660 below.