Rutgers U. Cop Closes Freeway Ramp So His Buddy Can Hit 150 MPH

Rutgers U. Cop Closes Freeway Ramp So His Buddy Can Hit 150 MPH
Rutgers U. Cop Closes Freeway Ramp So His Buddy Can Hit 150 MPH /

According to New Brunswick Today on a piece they dropped earlier this week ( June. 17, 2015) one of Rutgers University’s own police officers is currently under investigation for aiding an EMS worker in a high-speed run in his BMW M3 by temporarily closing down a highway onramp. It seems like the university had known about the incident for weeks, but had not gone to the press about it. Only when approached by New Brunswick Today did the Rutgers University Media relations department acknowledge the existence of an issue and at one point, lied about the receipt of pertinent information related to the incident (i.e. a facebook video posted on BMW M3 enthusiast group.)

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All of this seems hard to believe, but Christopher Murray, who was just hired a few months ago by Rutgers University Emergency services not only bragged about his feat online, but implicated one of Rutgers University’s officers in the process. Soon after Murray posted his video on the facebook group “BMW M3 Enthusiasts”, he received a lot of negative attention and commentary for his high-speed attempt. According to Murray on a facebook comment, “I had my PD buddy shut the exit down up ahead, therefore rendering it temporarily private.”

To make matters worse, many members on that facebook group and online confirmed the existence of other videos of Murray hooning his BMW M3 on public roads, many of those roads on Rutgers University property.When New Brunswick Today first reached out to Rutgers Media Relations, they were often times ignored or flat out refused an interview, and when they finally were granted one, their own media relations person didn’t want any of the conversation to be recorded.

It sounds like Rutgers University is definitely in damage control at the moment and is leaking as little information about the incident as possible. Kudos to New Brunswick Today on following up on what’s clearly an abuse of power where one wouldn’t think it could happen. And a lesson to anyone who wants to hoon on public roads. Just don’t. But if you do, don’t be recording yourself and bragging about it later on.