Roadkill, Mighty Car Mods, And Gas Monkey Garage Collab In The Works [UPDATE]

Roadkill, Mighty Car Mods, And Gas Monkey Garage Collab In The Works
Roadkill, Mighty Car Mods, And Gas Monkey Garage Collab In The Works /

So three widely popular car shows walk into a bar…

Update Aug 12, 2015: The Drag race went down! Check out our post linked below!

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Update July 16, 2015 : Art Of Gears has learned that Gas Monkey Garage ALSO will accept the challenge. Read up on what they said on the post below.

Next: Richard Rawlings and GMG accept Roadkill's Challenge!

Update June 26,2015: Art Of Gears has learned that Mighty Car Mods and Roadkill have agreed to a challenge. No word from GMG!

Something epic is brewing thanks to the forward thinking minds over at Roadkill. It seems like Roadkill has issued a challenge of some sort to the head honchos at Mighty Car Mods and Fast N’ Loud Gas Monkey Garage that’s rumored to be a build-off of Olympic proportions. Sometime last week, a fan of all three of these shows issued an open challenge to see, “Who could build a better junkyard car in 3 days and drive it 1,000 miles.” The terms were simple enough with no, “TV magic, just gearheads.”

2015.6.26 Roadkill (2)
2015.6.26 Roadkill (2) /
2015.6.26 Roadkill (3)
2015.6.26 Roadkill (3) /

It took awhile, but Richard Rawlings finally got a heads up that a challenge was offered and asked his fans what exactly he should do.

"So, apparently these guys over at Roadkill (ever heard of them?) are challenging us to a build off. I guess they think we have nothing better to do. I mean, it’s not like we’re busy building 5 cars at once for the new season of Fast N’ Loud or racing up a 14,000-foot mountain at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb right now or anything. We’ve got priorities! But, if we did have the time… what do y’all think?"

But Gas Monkey Garage being a show with a much bigger budget and tighter timelines means some serious planning is in the works if anything is to go down. They also have upper management to answer to as well as running their own private business.  Some fans of Roadkill were straight vitriolic when it came to some responses that the whole collab would be a waste of time.

"Roadkill guys also have full-time jobs and do their videos between editing a magazine that has been around for 60 years.These two guys actually work on cars, not shout out orders."

Although it looks like the boys at Mighty Car Mods are more then down for the challenge as they posted this update shortly after receiving an email from the boys at Roadkill.

2015.6.26 Roadkill (1)
2015.6.26 Roadkill (1) /

The best case scenario is that all three would do their own independent shows featuring their own builds each shot from their own respective perspectives (say that 10x fast.) Even better is if they all showed up in one location and actually shot a scene with all three cars assembled in one place. Or perhaps they all undergo a challenge together? Everything is up in the air at this moment and it looks like the limiting factor will be how Mighty Car Mods and Roadkill can work around Gas Monkey Garage’s schedule. But as far as car guys go, their skills at general gearhead mastery are on the line and I’m sure none of the three shows would want to be a “party pooper” and not take an honest stab at the throwdown…whatever it may be.

And if you haven’t already, check out the Youtube channels of the all three shows below. Fast N’ Loud has its season premiere on Monday’s at 10 P.M. on the Discovery Network.