Roadkill Calls Out Richard Rawlings Renames GMG Gas Chicken Garage [Update]

What’s the matter. Where you going? Are you chicken?… Nobody calls me chicken.

Update: Art Of Gears has learned that Gas Monkey Garage will accept the challenge. Read up on what they said on the post below.

Shots fired! Shots fired! It looks like David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan have employed graphic design over at Motor Trend to goad Richard Rawlings into taking on a challenge that we already know Mighty Car Mods has accepted. In a facebook status update they posted earlier today (July 2, 2015) Roadkill renamed “Gas Monkey Garage” into “Gas Chicken Garage.” And it looks like Richard Rawlings was the first one to throw a jab Roadkill’s way. If there’s one thing that’ll get anyone attention for better or for worse, it’s calling someone (or something) chicken. To preface this whole premise, this is all in good fun and no feelings are meant to be hurt or beef to be started.

2015.7.2. GMG 2

In reality, Roadkill is trying to create a mashup challenge/episode putting together two of the biggest car shows on the internet and one of the biggest automotive shows on television. If you’ve read our earlier article on the whole situation, it really comes down to, “is it worth it” for Richard Rawlings to invest some of his time and money into this challenge? Let’s not be coy about the whole “who makes more money” business as clearly Gas Monkey Garage brings home the bacon. According to some sources, Rawlings himself makes $50,000 per episode. If time is money, then Rawlings must consider if it’ll be worth his time to invest into one episode with Roadkill and Mighty Car Mods.

Roadkill Calls Out Richard Rawlings Renames GMG Gas Chicken Garage

Roadkill Calls Out Richard Rawlings Renames GMG Gas Chicken Garage

Then there’s the pride of it all. Gearheads pride themselves on their skill and know how. It doesn’t matter how much you can make if you can’t turn a wrench. It’s a bold tactic by Roadkill and is sure to at least grab the attention of Richard Rawlings. Art Of Gears will keep you updated on how Richard Rawlings responds.