Rumor: Baby Acura NSX Will Be Based Off Big Brother NSX

Rumor: Baby Acura NSX Will Be Based Off Big Brother NSX
Rumor: Baby Acura NSX Will Be Based Off Big Brother NSX /

This is great and all but can we see the real NSX please?

If there’s one thing us auto-journalists love to talk about, it’s smaller versions of more powerful cars coming out. According to our Australian friends over at on their piece earlier yesterday (July 29, 2015) they’ve received exclusive information that Honda’s new baby NSX will receive a less expensive engine and powertrain combination then the its anticipated Acura NSX. We already know that Honda gave the greenlight for production of this smaller NSX back in the middle of last year but until Acura announces something officially, we can just sit and wait.

2015.7.29 Honda S660 2
2015.7.29 Honda S660 2 /

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Here’s what we already know. Acura is planning a three pronged approach to it’s sports car offerings. At the top will be the Acura NSX. In the middle will be this all new Baby NSX which will utilize much of what the NSX has underneath, but cheaper components and engines. Finally, Honda is planning to seriously throw a decent engine underneath there Honda S660 mini-roadster (which is already for sale only in Japan btw) and export that little roadster to other markets (hopefully to American shores.)

We hope that the source is talking to is right because according to them, this Baby NSX is “for all intents and purposes, completed and ready specifically for the American market.” In addition, we could see a reveal as early as the L.A. Auto Show or the Detroit Auto Show in January! But wait, there’s more. Honda has decided to build the Baby NSX either in the United States or where they’re already building the Honda S660, in Suzuka, Japan.

We at Art Of Gears think that if this is all well and true, they’ll stuff it with a re-branded Civic Type R engine that we’re already making here. We really hope you’re right!