Check Out Audi’s LED Matrix Headlight Option In Action

Check Out Audi's LED Matrix Headlight Option In Action
Check Out Audi's LED Matrix Headlight Option In Action /

Eleven low beam diodes and twelve high beam diodes ensure that you get maximum vision and minium distraction to oncoming cars.

What is it about a German voice explaining complex technology that’s quite soothing? Audi dropped a video on the internet yesterday (Aug. 5, 2015) that showcases Audi’s Matrix LED lighting technology and it’s quite interesting. According to the description, the entire headlight matrix uses one giant main beam that breaks apart into numerous small LED’s that in turn shine onto reflectors. The beauty of the reflectors is that they can pivot left to right and up and down to illuminate what’s needed. In addition, a camera placed at the back of the interior mirror shoots data into a control unit which in turn switches individual LED’s on and off as needed.

2015.8.6 Headlights
2015.8.6 Headlights /

What separates this lighting unit as compared to other lighting units that pivot and swivel is the fact that Audi has implemented this technology with its navigation unit. That means before you can even turn the steering wheel, the light pattern is already shown in the direction of your travel. Check out the video below.

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Conventional lighting technology is well and good and has served its purpose for close to a hundred years. Basically, a source of light is concentrated at the road in front of you. This LED matrix, as shown in the video, may or may not have taken a lot it’s cues from nature which is always an interesting design fact to point out. No word on pricing but expect the option to hover around $3,000. And who knows? In a couple of years, this technology might come standard on your everyday run of the mill cars.