This Guy Successfully Tests A ‘Move Over’ Windshield Banner

This Guy Successfully Tests A 'Move Over' Windshield Banner
This Guy Successfully Tests A 'Move Over' Windshield Banner /

Missouri man buys “Move Over” windshield banner and documents his results.

Don’t you hate it when you’re driving in the fast lane (at the posted speed limit of course) and there’s a car in front of you not moving along with the flow of traffic? One Missouri resident bought himself a “Move Over” windshield banner and posted a video of his results earlier today (Aug. 12, 2015) to surprising success. Check out the entire video below! (according to the youtube description, you’d most likely benefit from watching the video at 2x speed.)

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In the span of just 72 seconds, the windshield banner was able to get three cars to signal right and move out of the drivers way. You might chalk up the other drivers moving over as pure coincidence, but three cars in a row? We think at least one of them glanced in their rear view mirror and gave way to the car coming up behind.

2015.8.12 Move Over
2015.8.12 Move Over /

The windshield banner is available at multiple places online and is even listed on Amazon. For the low low price of just under $13, you too could have cars moving out of your way in no time. The non-confrontational font seems to help as well. The best part is its 100 percent American veteran made. What better way to support our retired armed forces than patronize a bit of their business. Click here to buy a windshield banner for yourself. Be sure to check out your local laws on what you can place on your windshield as some states will ticket you for having something obstructing your vision in certain places.