This NYPD Cop Car In London Has Got Everyone Delightfully Confused

This NYPD Cop Car In London Has Got Everyone Confused
This NYPD Cop Car In London Has Got Everyone Confused /

UK based Youtuber Troll Station rented out a movie prop NYPD car and proceeded to pull off some good ol’ fashioned shenanigans to some very confused London residents.

Seeing an NYPD police car patrolling the streets of London can be a bit of an oddity. But thanks to some UK residents with a sense of humor with their video post earlier yesterday ( Aug. 18, 2015) the boys in blue from NYPD magically made their way to foggy London. Check out their video below.

"“We’re from NYPD. We’re the metropolitan police, we’re here to protect and serve the UK streets of London and I’m loving it. I’m excited to be here. Obama said come down and protect the streets. We’re in collaboration with the metropolitan police. That’s what we do, you know. “"

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After going into a mini-diatribe with why exactly he’s dressed as a United States police officer, the YouTuber breaks out into a rapping and dance routine complete with plenty of lyrical flows and hip hop moves to boot. Apparently Londoners think that NYPD cops all dance and sing, or at least that’s what they make us out to be. Anyhow, the “cop’s” antics soon draw a big enough crowd from the passerbys as he continues to shout, “NYPD! NYPD!” Everyone starts whipping out their phones and recording the whole display of buffoonery.

2015.8.19 NYPD 2
2015.8.19 NYPD 2 /

If you have enough pounds to spare and are bored enough, you too can hire an American police car to drive around in, in the streets of London. Conveniently enough, their service is called ‘Police Car Hire UK’ and their livery consists of various former movie prop cars that have made their way to UK shores.