This Iron Man Lamborghini Aventador Paint Job Will Blow Your Mind

This Iron Man Lamborghini Aventador Paint Job Will Blow Your Mind
This Iron Man Lamborghini Aventador Paint Job Will Blow Your Mind /

Graphic Artist Rene Turrek has released his next automotive paint masterpiece simply dubbed Ironman Lambo

How would you like your car to have a simple black color one moment and a totally tricked out paint job the next. With heat sensitive paint you can. Thanks to Bee-Doo and the owner of the Aventador, Patrick Grabowski on their official upload on Youtube earlier yesterday (Aug. 31, 2015) Rene Turrek has come up with his latest Magnum Opus where he’s taken a stock Lamborghini Aventador and applied his own special heat sensitive paint with an all new Iron Man theme. Check out the exclusive video with a demonstration of the paint technology below.

This isn’t the first time Rene Turrek has played around with heat sensitive paint. Just a couple of weeks ago, he revealed to the world his Captain America theme painted Lamborghini Gallardo dubbed ‘The first Avenger.”

The paint technology works the same way those heat sensitive mugs that change color when you pour liquid into them work. According to our good friends over at The Naked Scientist,

"The way that black ink works, it’s a black dye which is mixed with crystals of a salt which is either very acidic or very alkaline, and that paint is actually pH sensitive. It’s sensitive to whether the environment is acid or alkaline. As the temperature changes, that material melts and it mixes with the dye. That actually changes the optical properties of that dye and changes it from being very opaque black paint to being completely transparent."

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That means in the heat of the summer, you’ll see whatever masterpiece lies underneath, but when the temperature is nice and cool you’ll only see the matte black. You can also probably incorporate a much simpler design with a simple color change underneath rather than a full blown masterpiece. Either way, you’d better have your mind made up about the whole thing as a paint job of this magnitude will put you back a good $35,000.