Kids Surprise Their Dad With His First Car A ’73 LeMans

Kids Surprise Their Dad With His First Car A '73 LeMans
Kids Surprise Their Dad With His First Car A '73 LeMans /

These awesome kids gave back to their Dad his first car, a 1973 Pontiac LeMans. Oh and they replaced the original engine with a 5.3 LS Swap.

Oftentimes the best Dad’s out there have to set aside their beloved car projects to make time, money and room for starting and growing a family. Thanks to Steve Guzer on his Youtube upload earlier today ( Sept. 2, 2015) he and his brothers and sisters actually went out and found their Dad’s old car (well, an exact copy.) In this case, it was one of GM’s A-bodies, a 1973 Pontiac LeMans and the reunion between car and driver couldn’t have been sweeter. Check out the awesome video linked below and have a tissue box ready because this one is guaranteed to make your eyes water.

The video starts off with one of the Dad’s five kids sitting both parents down and telling them that they’re giving his Dad a gift which he MUST share stating that it was a gift that “got lost in time…but we’re now bringing it back.” The son then places what we imagine are the car’s titles, the original brochure of the Pontiac and a set of keys on the table and informs both of them that the gift is outside. From the look of things only then does the father piece together what’s going down.

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Both the Mom and Dad see it and clearly the Dad takes a moment to let it seep in as he clearly holds back a few tears. Right when the Dad walks up to the ’73 LeMans, the memories all start flooding back. He knows where to slide the seat back, he recognizes that those aren’t the original gauges and he even remembers the distinct “thunk” of his passenger door. Although it wasn’t HIS exact car, it’s very close to it. His Dad doesn’t seem to mind at all, but swapped underneath the hood is a brand new 5.3 LS engine paired to a 4L60e transmission. Job well-done boys.

2015.9.2. Pontiac (3)
2015.9.2. Pontiac (3) /
2015.9.2. Pontiac (2)
2015.9.2. Pontiac (2) /