Watch This Mercedes Promo Stunt In South Africa Go Awry

Watch This Mercedes Promo Stunt In South Africa Go Awry
Watch This Mercedes Promo Stunt In South Africa Go Awry /

Merecedes of South Africa took the time to showcase its Mercedes-AMG GT S and C63, but then this happened.

From now on it looks like Mercedes will be screening any potential drivers they use for their promotional stunts. Thanks to a YouTube upload from Zero2Turbo earlier yesterday ( Sept. 10, 2015) we caught what happened when Mercedes of South Africa took to Zwartkops race track to showcase their brand new sports cars. Check out the exclusive video below.

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The manuever was quite clear, but it looks like a bit of hasty preparation and some nerves getting the best of the test drivers took over. Two pairs of cars were meant to be driven towards each other coming off the corner in opposite directions. From the looks of things, if all the drivers went slightly right at the same time before approaching each other, then all cars would’ve avoided each other. But alas, one of the drivers went left, probably reflexively, and crashed into the C63 coming right at it.

According to reports, both cars were written off promptly after the completion of the show and the damage was assessed. Both cars await their fate at some wrecking yard.

Now if you want to see some real driving performance by professionals, step back a few years and bask in the glory that was the SAAB performance driving team. A hot shot set of four or five SAAB car’s and drivers, these guys were literally the Blue Angels (or Red Arrows) of the ground. Check out some of their awesome driving below. Also, if you search, “Saab Performance Driving Team” on Youtube, you’re bound to see some awesome stunts. Hey Mercedes, take notes.

2015.9.11 Saab
2015.9.11 Saab /