Watch This Nissan 350Z Accidentally Race A Cop And Get Away With It

Watch This 350Z Accidentally Race A Cop And Get Away With It
Watch This 350Z Accidentally Race A Cop And Get Away With It /

This Nissan 350Z owner lined up against a muscle car and was in for a pleasant surprise.

It’s a street racer’s nightmare. Ashmed Asmwawy of Minneapolis, Minn accidently raced a police officer earlier yesterday ( Sept. 12, 2015) in an undercover vehicle and got pulled over all while his friend rode next to him catching the entire incident on video. Check out the exclusive video below. You’ll be rooting for the Nissan 350Z in the beginning, but wait until the very end. You won’t have to wait long as the entire video’s less than ten seconds anyways.

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It used to be Ford versus Chevrolet but nowadays you’re more likely to find grudge matches between imports and muscle cars anywhere there’s an empty street and a set of stoplights. Supposedly it all went down in Salt Lake City, Utah. The video starts out like any good impromptu drag race. With windows tinted and an R/T badge on the Dodge Challenger, it’s like the Challenger was asking for trouble from the get-go, and that’s exactly the whole point. Anyone driving an import (or any car for that matter) would be chomping at the bit to take this cocky looking muscle car down a notch. And this Nissan supercharged Nissan 350Z unfortunately took the bait.

According to Ashmed, the police officer actually didn’t pull him but instead let him off with a warning of sorts. At the next stop light, the police officer rolled down his window and asked if, “… he still wanted to race?” with Ashmed firing back, “Sure, if I can video tape it!” Of course the police officer refused, but not before peeling away.

We’re not exactly sure if that’s what ACTUALLY went down after Ashmed got “lit up, ” but that’s what the description on the video says and we’ll take his word for it. I’m pretty sure Ashmed will think twice before giving another car a run for his money the next time he’s driving around.